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Increase Your Income and Financial Security with a Reverse Mortgage

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Your Reverse Mortgage is a powerful financial option that is an established way to benefit your financial security. Joe Conrad and his team provide honest, straightforward, and clear answers about Reverse Mortgages and will guide you through the Reverse Mortgage process.

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Increase Your Financial Independence with a Reverse Mortgage

Backed with resources, experience, and stability our focus is helping seniors in Southern California who are looking to use a Reverse Mortgage to supplement their retirement. If you’re a homeowner who is 62 years of age or older, you can trust that Joe Conrad and his team will provide the highest levels of service and communication.

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“From the first meeting, we felt comfortable asking all of our questions. We will definitely refer friends to Joe. Thank
Stephanie & James
“Costs and fees are what are expected closing times are reasonable and as promised. It is a pleasure working with Joe Conrad.”
“Joe makes sure that the paperwork is completed correctly and submitted on time. Easiest financing I’ve ever done.”
Phillip M.
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Joe Conrad, CMPS

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The Reverse Mortgage Beverly Hills California

If you more questions, feel free to reach out to us at: (503) 818-2241

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Reverse Mortgage Lending In Beverly Hills CA

We are happy that you’ve found interest in one of California’s best reverse mortgage lenders. Here at Finance of America Mortgage, we have earned the trust of thousands of homeowners. We have helped them by doing what we simply do best: reverse home mortgages.

Perhaps you’re at a place in life where you’re ready to slow down, or you need financial relief so you can breathe again. Regardless of the reasoning, we care about you and take great pride in reversing one of the most important debts you can have: your home mortgage.

Based in Beverly Hills, CA, My Reverse Mortgage Plan serves the entire Beverly Hills community. Our staffers have decades of experience with mortgage banking and understand the value in providing excellent financing service.

Our direct lenders are approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

While we have been offering more than 10 years of service to the greater Beverly Hills area, our direct lenders have long been approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). We have been given the authorization to implement HUD’s reverse mortgage loan. In fact, we helped to create the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).

It should also be noted that My Reverse Mortgage Plan is a locally owned company. We are not a part of a national mortgage chain. This small detail has earned the trust of some of our most weary borrowers.

Here at My Reverse Mortgage Plan, we’ve helped borrowers with refinancing their existing loans, and those who just want to use their home equity for a different investment elsewhere. We have also closed on loans for situations that are nestled somewhere in between the two.

A little more about My Reverse Mortgage Plan

The members of our management group were part of the originating reverse mortgages plan in 2008. Offering fixed-rate reverse mortgages has been our idea all along and thus, we have accumulated a long list of experiences with helping borrowers through jumbo loan programs and other aspects of mortgage assistance.

Because we like to think ahead, we’re constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for more opportunities and programs that can bring more assistance to the community in which we serve. For the jumbo and proprietary programs, the principal limits are typically lower. Our management group has the uncanny ability to discern which programs work best for some borrowers and which programs do not. Many mortgage banking companies in our area don’t take the time to determine this for their borrowers. At My Reverse Mortgage Plan, we care!

Over the years, we have discovered that it’s not unusual to see a place for a jumbo market that’s so close to the great opportunities of a healthy HUD HECM market. This has shown to be true even if the area could use the benefits of a jumbo market.

For anyone above the age of 62, regardless of the market, a reverse mortgage could be of good use to you. Reverse mortgages have proven worthwhile as they assist homeowners with backup retirement plans and do away with mortgage payments and the associated line of credit. This gives homeowners the freedom to live life the way they see fit. Their hard-earned money can be placed on other plans in life that will bring them joy and fulfillment that would not have been available underneath the oppression of a regular mortgage payment.

The benefits you get when you choose My Reverse Mortgage Plan:

*Closing costs are zero financed
*No hassle, no monthly fee
*A 3.68% fixed rate for life (APR 5.25%)
*Jumbo Proprietary Program that is insured by the government
*Credit lines that start at 2.98%

This is not an exhaustive list. In order to see the entire list of available offers and programs, please complete the form above. The rates listed do not include state tax. In order to be eligible for the zero financed closing costs, the loan amount must be at a minimum of $40,000. The APR calculations come from a loan amount of $185,000 or a PLF utilization of 60% or less. A lifetime rate cap of 5% over the starting rate comes with ALL of the adjustable-rate plans.

Why are our home loan terms so low?

Because My Reverse Mortgage Plan is a direct lender who is approved by the FHA, we don’t provide home mortgage programs apart from the HECM. In addition to this, we have experienced and trained staffers who know how to keep the rates as low as possible. Plus, we don’t work with other mortgage brokers in the industry. Due to this, it allows us to keep our costs low which helps our borrowers to save even more money.

At My Reverse Mortgage Plan, our exclusive plans and programs are created to fit your personal needs.

You can browse through our program benefits and find plans that won’t be offered anywhere else. We have been offering homeowners with fantastic plans that they just can’t get anywhere else! People have been trusting our team for more than ten years by offering knowledge and experience that the rest of the industry can only envy.

We don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money on our marketing budget by hiring celebrities to advertise our name. Our good name is enough to bring in borrowers who need our help and assistance. If you live in Beverly Hills and you are over the age of 62, check us out with our reverse mortgage options. We are a direct lender company that offers borrowers the lowest rates on reverse mortgages.

We keep our process very simple and easy for everyone involved. We would love to talk with you about our services! Please give us a call today!