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How to benefit and protect your client’s portfolio by
integrating the Reverse Mortgage.

Many Financial Advisors understand that a Reverse Mortgage is a great tool to protect income earning assets, provide increased portfolio performance and fill certain gaps.
There are many ways that a Reverse Mortgage can be used as a powerful tool to benefit your clients. If used strategically, your clients can even see growth in their available funds through a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit. (LOC)
By accessing equity in their homes, can help eligible clients leave their current investment portfolio untouched for longer, can delay collecting social security, and enable your clients to free up cash to invest in other investments within their portfolio.
By using the Reverse Mortgage as a financial planning tool, your clients can allow their investment portfolios to remain untouched and allow it to gain in value or avoid selling investments at a loss. Especially during market downturns when stocks, and other investments have taken a negative hit, the Reverse Mortgage should be a strategy that is considered. In fact, research has indicated the Reverse Mortgage line of credit growth is a powerful tool that can help mitigate sequence of returns risk for retirees who have invested retirement assets. **
If a client delays selling retirement investments or uses the Reverse Mortgage funds for other purposes, ultimately tapping into home equity can offer successful financial options for retirement.

The Reverse Mortgage can be used to:

These are just the beginning of many ways that your clients may use or may have a need for to help supplement their retirement income.
The Reverse Mortgage Plan is not the catch all to retirement, but renowned researchers have shown that home owners 62 years of age and older can find benefit when they use the Reverse Mortgage as part of their retirement strategy.
Whether you’re looking to add new wealth management clients,or simply improve your client’s existing financial plans – With different rules and qualification criteria to follow, it’s important that you have a toolbox full of resources to help you determine which of your clientele could benefit from Reverse Mortgage purchase.
Please contact me directly at (949) 679 8238 or to help guide your clients through the process of the Reverse Mortgage loan options.
**Jeffrey Levine, CEO, BluePrint Wealth Alliance, “Protecting Clients’ Portfolio Assets with a Reverse Mortgage,”Think Advisor, January 4, 2017.