About My Reverse Mortgage Plan

Finance of America Mortgage is a dedicated team of experienced mortgage and reverse mortgage professionals with close to 100 years of combined knowledge and over billions of funded loans helping our clients meet their home ownership goals and leveraging the equity they have earned over the decades of home ownership. With over ten thousand seniors a day becoming eligible for a reverse mortgage, Finance of America Mortgage is helping inform borrowers how best to use the multiple reverse mortgage products to ensure they are comfortable in the years ahead. Finance of America Mortgage works closely with the client’s tax, financial and estate advisors to ensure the clients questions, concerns and goals are addressed.
Joe Conrad

Joe Conrad, CMPS

S. Cal Regional Manager

Retirement Mortgage Planner


About Joe Conrad

Born in New York City, a long time ago, the younger Joe moved around from New York City, Matawan, NJ, and Atlantic City, NJ (College). He got married in West Palm Beach Florida to his wife of 44 years Lynn, a proud Jersey Girl. They moved to Tampa, then to the Catskills in upstate New York and out to California. He has three boys two of whom are married and two Golden Doodles, Tucker and Yoko.

Joe is currently the President of a local Non-Profit organization called NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness. Joe brings up his involvement in NAMI whenever he can because mental health issues impact one out of four families and can be devastating for the family, the community, and the country. One of Joe’s three boys suffers from a bi-polar condition and has created an amazing life for himself, despite this circumstance. NAMI’s evidence-based programs provide some of the greatest hope for recovery.

Joe got into the mortgage industry in 1989 when he established The Spectrum Group. A small boutique brokerage in Woodland Hills, CA. After operating the company for eight years and growing it into one of prominence in Los Angeles, he joined Skyline Home Loans In 1998. In 2018 Skyline was acquired by Finance of America Mortgage where he currently works. In 2007 Joe was intrigued by the concept of reverse mortgages and started marketing them to the public by doing workshops throughout the San Fernando Valley.

Over the last 4 years Joe has become the top producing Reverse Mortgage Planner at Skyline and then Finance of America Mortgage and has made President Club’s status all 4 years. His loan production puts him in the top echelon of originators in the industry. He has spoken at both the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association Conference and several regional conferences. His message is always the same whether It’s a client or a referral source; provide as much value as possible, stay on top industry trends, communicate and relentlessly.

Joe and Lynn live in Topanga, CA and in his spare time, Joe enjoys yoga, playing guitar, personal transformation and traveling.

Please contact Joe with any of your Reverse Mortgage Refinance or Reverse Mortgage Purchase questions.

Joe and his team can also help you with the following finance options for your primary and investment properties:

Sean Diaz

NMLS #186770

About Sean Diaz

Sean Diaz your Reverse Mortgage Specialist has been in the mortgage business for 16 years. Since 2003, Sean has dedicated his career to educating homeowners and other professionals on how to use housing wealth in retirement. With Sean, you can expect an authentic experience defined by honesty, integrity, and fun.
Whether you’re refinancing a mortgage or buying property, Sean understands what a big commitment you are making. Let him coordinate your documents and communicate with key decision-makers during the process. Sean covers all the state of California and helps clients face to face or over the phone. He is dedicated to helping seniors use the reverse mortgage program to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind in their retirement years.
Sean believes the reverse mortgage requires program knowledge, attention to detail, patience, and perhaps more than anything exceptional customer service to the client and all parties involved in the transaction.    Sean loves working with seniors and knows the positive result reverse mortgage has made in his client’s lives.
“Education is the foundation for an informed decision, and that’s my job-to educate interested parties about the intricacies of the reverse mortgage product. I’ve never felt that selling is in my job description. It’s always been about laying out the facts and comparing all programs so my client can decide what is best for my them. This is the most rewarding job ever!”
Integrity, Knowledgeable, Fantastic Customer Service, and Accessibility are all words to describe Sean’s work ethic and superior performance. 
Sean spends his spare time with his family and friends.  A native of the great state of California, Sean enjoys camping staying active, and occasionally playing a game or two of ice hockey.  Sean also gives back his time taking care of his parents in their retirement years.

Jasmine Fletcher

About Jasmine Fletcher

Jasmine Fletcher, experience and expertise for over a 15 years and the last six exclusively focused on reverse mortgages has enabled dozens of reverse mortgage originators and management teams to succeed in customer service and expectations for decades. As our senior processor, Jasmine ensures that all underwriting guidelines and requirements are handled with ease and in a timely manner providing one the industry shortest periods to close a transaction.